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Located at a beautiful corner in Spotswood, New Jersey 08884, Nail Envy has been received so many compliments and recommendations from the residents in this area. This is because the nail salon always puts all of our heart into the job.

Nail Envy was founded with the aim of bringing the newest nail trends, the safest products, and the best services to our valued customers. We offer many beauty services, including: Manicures, Pedicures, Waxings,... at an affordable price. Our enthusiastic and professional technicians ensure to pay attention to every detail in all services, which give you calmness during your treatment process and leave you satisfied after your visit.

Nail Envy makes sure to put safety and sanitation on top of our priorities. The implements, equipment, and electrical instruments are always thoroughly cleaned and subjected to an approved sanitizing and disinfecting process before being reused. Buffers and files are used only once, then discarded. All pedicure procedures are performed with liner protection.

Above all, our excellent customer service will make you want to come back. We trained the knowledgeable staff that can understand your needs and treat you with kindness, respect and most importantly, as a friend.

Let's come and experience the best moment with Nail Envy - a top nail salon in the Spotswood, NJ 08884 area!